Detroit Wedding Reception Ideas

When you're planning your perfect Detroit wedding reception, you'll want to choose a theme that is fitting with your personality, your tastes, and your budget. It's a great idea to sit down with your fiance and discuss the ideas on this page, to see if there is something here that appeals to both of you.

Detroit Wedding Reception Ideas

There's certainly no reason to limit your ideas to those that you find on this page, but this should provide a nice starting point. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination, so make it special, unique, and memorable!

Ultra-Feminine Mystique

If you are the type of bride who love all things ultra-feminine... the type who envisions herself as a princess and her husband-to-be as the prince, then you will certainly want to entertain the idea of having the fairy tale wedding of your dreams.

The recreation of that special memory can be as literal as recreating the timeless wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, or as inspired by childhood fantasy as to incorporate pieces of the stories of Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.

Planning this type of wedding can be incredibly fun! You can invite a few of your best girlfriends over for a slumber party and watch the DVD of that favorite fairytale movie. Keep a notebook or a laptop handy to take notes on which pieces of the story you would like to incorporate into your big day.

For instance, some of the things you may want to use to inspire you are the style of her dress, the decor at the ball, her updo, her shoes, the way they danced... There are so many elements that you can put into play on your big day, and little touches that will make it even more special to you. Becoming your dream fairytale princess is a once in a lifetime experience!

European or Oriental Escape

Just because you're here in Michigan, even in the dead of winter, doesn't mean that your wedding has to feel like it's in Michigan! A European vacation theme will certainly liven things up and make you feel as if you're soaking up the sun with all your loved ones! It's almost a pre-honeymoon honeymoon!

You can use any country that you like as your inspiration... Perhaps Italy, Greece, Spain, or France? Perhaps you'd like to take it even further and go for a Far East style wedding, or bring in the elements of the Orient for a beautiful Asian style nuptial ceremony.

You could simply use a few touches of decor here and there to create a mood, or take it all the way down to the finest details, including the style of your wedding dress and the attire of the entire wedding party. It's up to you!

There's no better way to experience a getaway without actually getting away. And what better way to begin your new life together?

The theme of your wedding reception is truly the greatest way that you can express your personality as a couple, and it's also a very warm and friendly way of welcoming your loved ones into the shared experience of your love. A carefully chosen theme says, "This is us. This is who we are as a couple." And choosing that statement can be one of your first important decisions together.

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